Welcome to Legacy

Anarchy posted Jun 25, 15

World of Warcraft Horde Guild on Blade's Edge-US server

Who Are We: Legacy is a guild founded originally back in late BC, early WotLK by some friends who wanted a guild that could set itself apart from the others.

Leadership: Legacy is administered by a council known as "The High Council” which will allow for fair leadership as majority rules. Additionally, we have JR Officers known as “The Guides” who encompass the leadership values over a particular class role (I.E Ranged, Melee, Tank & Healer)

Our Goal: Our goal is to provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere while clearing current end game content while exploring all that World of Warcraft has to offer.

Guild Events: Legacy participates in all aspects of World of Warcraft from Progression Raiding, Achievement Runs, Player vs Player, Old World Content and more. All of these events are coordinated through the in-game calendar.  So there is always something for you to do within the guild. 

 Raiding: Conducted three nights a week, 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm CST, on Monday, Thursday, and Friday.

Expectations: While our primary focus is fun, we expect the highest level of skill from our members.  

  • Dedication: We do not intend to raid every day for the sake of progression or being "server first”. Our personal time is important, as is yours, and we expect 110% effort on the few nights we do raid for progression.  
  • Team Mentality: Like you, we want to progress and in doing so we require each member to be team orientated and put the guild needs before personal needs. While we will make accommodations on a case by case basis, the general mindset shall always be guild advancement.
  • Respect: No one wants to be in an environment that is unhealthy for them or abusive. While utilizing our various methods of communication, a respectful attitude is required.
  • Community: We are a thriving community and in such, we will have our good days and bad days in-game and out of the game; being a community is such that we support, assist and depend on each other on a continual basis.
  • Mechanically inclined: Not every fight is simply a DPS race, and that working as a team, executing the mechanics, and killing the boss are more important than living on the ranking-edge.
  • Skillset: Players should do everything they can to maximize the character they play. examples: Enchants, Gems, Optimal Rotation, Specs and research the mechanics for current content.

Legacy is willing to educate and assist any member who brings an open mind, a willingness to learn and a desire to further the guild as a whole.